Fiction: Twisted Fears

“Mardus! To your left!”

The flash of metal from the shadows was all that Ravine needed to see as the rogue turned the corner. She suspected that he intended to knock one of them out cold, but he had lost his chance.

Oh no you don’t! Not this time!

Her fingers began to conjure up bits of the shadow dwelling inside of her as she began to rush towards him. If he was foolish enough to stand close, than he would be the first one to fall onto the dusty Arena Floor. The Corruption spell had its desired effect as the man stumbled, stopping to cough up flecks of blood, revealing his hiding spot. Before he knew it, Mardus was already upon him, sword raised high. Muttering one more incantation, she whispered a curse under her breath, in hopes of exhausting him. This served two purposes: the first one being to prevent him from coming close to her, while the second kept him close to the assaulting warrior.

His other two allies, two spell casters in robes, quickly rushed to his aid. The wounded rogue had turned his attention from the warlock, onto his current attacker. Surely, he would not fall without a fight. However, knowing Mardus, he would make sure the rogue regretted his decision by coming to them alone. With a grunt, the warrior swung his massive sword at the rogue’s chest, mortally wounding him as blood spattered onto the Arena floor. Knowing that the rogue’s fate was sealed, Ravine turned her attention onto the priest who began to chant a prayer to the Light.

Her words were cut short as the night elf’s eyes opened wide with fear. Screaming, she took off, running in the opposite direction of the battle. Soon her screams were no longer coherent as they turned into garbled Demonic.

That should take care of…

Her thoughts were cut off immediately as her whole world went black. The other team’s warlock grinned briefly as he returned the favor before returning his focus onto the battle.


The first thing she saw was Savras, kneeling down on the ground before her. His armor was shattered, while his body was laced in gashes and bruises. One of his hands was pressed hard against his chest, and it took her a moment to realize that he was trying to staunch the flow of blood. However, it was to no avail as streams of crimson flowed between his fingers, dripping down into a puddle in front of him.

He lifted his head up slightly to look at her with soulless eyes, lacking the life that characterized him so much.

“Doll…” His voice was deadpan. “You betrayed me.”

Before she could say anything to prove her innocence, there is another voice. It was familiar, but at the same time, it was alien. It was a quiet chuckle, but it only served to thinly veil this woman’s contempt. A slim female figure with pale skin, and shoulder-length, auburn colored hair began to materialize in front of them. Like Ravine, she too wore robes. In fact, she dressed exactly like the warlock.

However, she was not her. This woman’s face was painted with a sinister sneer, her eyes glowing an unnatural reddish hue. Demons of all shapes and sizes capered at her heels, radiating overwhelming amounts of fel energies.

“You realize it now, don’t you?” The voice was like hers, but acidic and arrogant. “My husband does not lie.” She knelt down, wrapping her arms around him from behind, although this only served to contort his face in anguish. “Don’t you, dearest?” Laughing cruelly, her hands began to give off a sickly green hue as both of them were engulfed in this strange light. Ravine could only watch helplessly as her husband screamed in pain, while her corrupted double seemed to be in ecstasy. To her horror, his features began to age rapidly. By the time she had let go, the elf had aged perhaps a hundred years.

Ravine wanted to back away from her double; her corrupted self that had so willingly succumbed to the very power that she wielded. That Ravine… was no longer human, but instead embodied the pain and suffering that terrified her. It was an irrational hate, that seemed suited to be a part of Sargeras’s terrible Burning Legion.

She shut her eyes as her double’s hands rested upon hers. The shadow energies that emitted from her fingers burned her clothes and skin as black energy began to bubble and corrode the flesh that had been touched. Was she to be taken as well? All of her life drained from this body of hers until there was nothing but a husk?

The laughter that had rung in her ears began to change, its voice making progressive, subtle distortions in its tone. And while her voice faded away, another blended in seamlessly to take its place. Unlike the last one, Ravine is quick to recognize it; the voice belonging to the man she despises most of all. His laughter was both cruel and mocking, laced with a sadistic pleasure he took in tormenting her. She opened her eyes, and found that while both Savras and her corrupted double were gone (though the wounds remained), in their place, the figure of a male human, wearing pieces of the infamous Deathbone Armor came into view. That toothy grin, with his perfectly sharpened, white teeth, never left his face as Oneyvien Suun approached her.

She screamed at herself to move, but Ravine was locked in place out of fear. And perhaps that same fear was affecting her judgment and sight. Rubbing her eyes, she thought what she was seeing was an illusion, but no… she wasn’t seeing things. The images that drew closer began to multiply. Where there was one, there was two… then four. The numbers continued multiply until she found herself surrounded by Neyv replicates. One-by-one, they reached out and grabbed her. Four strong hands held her down fast to the ground, while others took advantage of her vulnerable situation.

“So soft. So tender, my dear Ravine.”

They gripped and pulled all at once, ignoring the warlock’s cries as they tore her apart.


“AHHHHHHH!” Sweat and tears poured down Ravine’s face as she screamed in fright. Her eyes were shut tightly as her body began to convulse violently on the ground in the small room just outside of the Arena where the team had been fighting only a few minutes before. Long after the battle had come to its bloody conclusion, Ravine found herself deeply affected by the effects of the spell, unable to snap out of the trance on her own. It took the work of several priests, and fellow team member Eykrie, before they were able to calm the woman down. As the last vestiges of the Fear spell left her, she could not help but cover her face with her hands and weep at the things she was forced to see, even though it was all an illusion.


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