Fiction: One Last Time

Time had not been kind on Ravine. As the years passed, so did her youth; ravaged by years of involvement with the fel arts. And yet, there was still an air of gentle calmness and dignity that had personified the woman for as long as she had lived, despite her deteriorating state.

Much of her time these days was spent in her study in Telaar. The strength to do even simple fieldwork like collecting herbs amongst the plains of Nagrand was getting difficult to come by with each day. Mulling over old, unfinished reports was becoming routine as stacks of parchment covered her workspace. Yet, more often than not, Ravine found her thoughts drifting away from the monotony of her research.

Her two children were quickly growing up. Though they were still teens in her eyes, they were quickly finding their own places in the world. Just like Savras had told her, the son had an amazing gift for the arcane and shadows—though his penchant for causing trouble was something he picked up from his dad. Meanwhile, her daughter’s talent lay solely with the bow and arrow. Ravine found herself greatly in debt to the people of the Kurenai once more. Without them, she doubted that her daughter’s abilities as a ranger and tracker would’ve been so finely developed as it became.

And Savras… It has been many, many years since she had last seen her husband. A part of her still knew he lived. More likely than not, he was watching over her and their two children from afar. Yet, even knowing this could not stop at the ache that ate away in her heart, nor the tears that would sometimes stream down her face late at night. It was in these moments, that she cursed her mortality. He was the most important person in her life, and yet… was she to be damned, never to see him again?

Tears pattered onto the parchment, diluting the cursive written on its surface.

I want to see you again!

She lifted her hands up to her face, meaning to wipe her tears away.

I miss you so much…

Her eyes widened suddenly as pain wracked her body. Using one free hand, she managed to push herself away from her desk. The other was held over her mouth as she was assaulted by a violent coughing fit.

Just once…

She managed a groan before toppling out of her chair. Even the crashing of furniture sounded quiet in her ears. Slowly, she felt everything inside shutting down one-by-one.

“No… no…” she choked out as panic began to set in. “I don’t…! I don’t want to die!”

I don’t want to die… I don’t want to leave you…

Dearest… Savras…

Using what strength she had left in her, Ravine began to crawl towards the doorway. Though her will to live was terrible, strength from her limbs were fading away quickly.

Cyan… Renae…

Her hands gripped weakly onto the door handle. Turning the knob, the elder woman pushed all her weight into opening the door. The door quickly swung open as Ravine collapsed into the cool Nagrand evening. Her breathes were shortened into ragged gasps—her sight darkening by the second. The names and faces of everyone she knew—everyone she considered a friend or a family member ran through her mind, as if she were flipping through the pages of a book. There was no strength left to fight it.

Just… just one last time…

Lifting her head up, she thought she could make out the silhouette of a man running towards her. Long, white hair… long ears, though the left was shorter than the right… Were her eyes playing tricks on her? Did it even matter at this point?

Though her lips moved, there was no sound. She reached out towards him with one outstretched hand, but it did not stay there long. It didn’t matter now. Just one glance was enough as Ravine smiled one last time before she finally slipped away.


~ by compassstudies on July 10, 2009.

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