No Dying Allowed—The Aftermath

Well, as highlighted at the end of the last entry, my experiment in leveling without a death came to an end yesterday afternoon when my level 20 warrior bit the dust on the last elite quest on Bloodmyst Isle.   For those curious:  Ending Their World was the killer.  (There’s a joke in here somewhere.)  Was it foolish of me to try a group quest solo?  (And a particularly difficult one at that?)  Probably.  But, I knew I wasn’t going to abandon the last quest I had out there either.  It wouldn’t be in the character’s nature.  I thought about it for a long time, before coming to the realization that it wouldn’t be true to her if she ran of scared because of the possibility of death.

That… sort of thinking made me realize that I was in a sort of catch-22 situation.  Because one of the first things I noticed when I was leveling her: there’s really no one else around that can help you along with some quests.  The starting areas are pretty empty with a handful of other lowbies and the occasional level 80 trying to work on their rep grinds with the Exodar faction. Nashaea was pretty much in IC RP mode the whole way through, so I couldn’t back away from something, even if it had the possibility of killing me and ending everything.

Even more unfortunate, the lack of people around also translates to less random RP experiences with other people.  Did I try to interact with other people when I saw them?  Probably not as often as I should’ve.  I’m considering it an important lesson to learn when I try this again—as well as making a more sociable character to boot. Nashaa quickly became a sort of grim character as she progressed through Azuremyst and Bloodmyst.

Browsing around a bit on Blogatelle’s archives has given me a few ideas for RP—especially from their Katafray Project—that I would like to try and do with my next character.  Speaking of, she may be in the works now!  Since I really only play Ravine as my primary RP character (and sometimes Amara, although she’s pretty much reserved for special ocassions when I think I can pull off the whole being drunk act pretty well—which generally involves inducing in alcohol in the real world…), some variety needs to be thrown in every once in awhile.

I’m also crossing fingers that my next character has more of a chance to make use of GHI items.  I’ve been dying to find an excuse to make some really cool stuff.  (Since Ravine is a wet blanket, she’ll probably never be able to have any cool gadgets.  Damn that Rav.)


~ by compassstudies on July 13, 2009.

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