Fiction: Helpless – Pt. 2


Though Juk’gron’s voice boomed in her thoughts, the lure of sleep still held a tight grasp on her. “Let me stay in this dreamless sleep…” her mind responded. “Let me forget for a little while.”

But it persisted it. It was its duty after all, to inform her.

“Mistress. He is awakening,” it informed calmly.

Such news would not allow her to remain amongst the dreamless for long as she groggily opened her eyes. A good night’s rest still remained elusive to her, but let her be damned if it didn’t stop her from trudging up the stairs. Finally! Savras would wake up! It was the only silver lining that she had left…

She slowly approached the doorway. Juk’gron—who had been watching the doorway—slowly drifted off to the side. Entering the room, she could see two faint, glowing eyes from the mattress. He was alive! He was truly alive! She rushed over to his side, placing her hands gently on his.

She wanted to hug him, but knowing the state of his broken body, it was impossible without hurting him. She wanted to comfort him, and tell him things would be alright. But she knew that was a lie too. Nothing would ever be the same again.


Ravine found it a little funny how an empty room can suddenly turn busy in only a matter of days. In the following days since the fall, a number of visitors stopped by her small hideaway in Stormwind— whether to deliver supplies, or making attempts at fixing injuries. Saelune had delivered a number of fresh bandages for use, while Frore stopped by to deliver herbs (she would have to take up her offer for dinner sometime.) Rekuu had offered to prepare some hearty soups, while Vishnai had come—doing all that she could—to help fix what fractures, and broken bones she could—to varying degrees of success. Even Marris—an appearance that surprised her the most—arrived at her doorstep (though unknowing of the situation), mixing up a liquid pain killer. Boxes, pouches, glass vials and all sorts of containers holding medicines, potions, and all sorts of things were strewn about everywhere.

Funny, she thought. It looked as though I’m returning home. A shame that the occasion was anything but joyous.

Savras had finally regained consciousness on the third day. That fact alone should’ve uplifted her spirits. But when the hunter had asked where Shakta was, and if she had lived, Ravine’s felt her heart drop from her chest. Even though he probably knew her fate, he still clung to that hope that she had lived like he had. Ravine couldn’t bring herself to tell him otherwise, but her silence was all that he needed. There was no blame, no outbursts as he stared at the ceiling. “I see…” he responded—his voice quiet and strained, but full of remorse.

“Savras… it wasn’t your fault…”

He didn’t respond, but the look on his face told her everything.


~ by compassstudies on July 19, 2009.

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