Customcraft: GHI Introduction

Since creating Compass Studies, one of my goals was to establish a weekly column dedicated to one of the best WoW RP add-ons out there right now: Gryphonheart Items, or GHI for short.  I believe that it’s a wonderful tool for RP that opens a lot of doors and allows RPers to take their immersion to a whole new level with the add-on’s level of versatility.  However, in order to tap all of  what GHI has to offer, it takes a great deal of knowledge in LUA coding, which may initially intimidate newer users.  While I know a smitten bit of LUA coding, I am by no means an expert.  But, what I hope to accomplish is to help share what knowledge I have—helping newbies with the ropes of creating items with interesting effects.

This column will be updated every Friday, so be sure to check back!

For those not familiar with GHI, but would like to know what this whole thing is about: read on!

Alright. So what is this about? What is GHI?
To make a long story short, GHI (Gryphonheart Items) allows the the creation of user created items.  These can range from simple RP props, to items which can have sophisticated effects when used.  They occupy their own bag space (there will be a blue bag button floating somewhere in your screen when you first get this add-on.  All of your custom-made items) so it won’t interfere with your actual bags.  Huzzah!

That sounds pretty awesome.  But, I’ve heard of add-ons doing similar things in the past, but those were pretty complicated…

This is where I think GHI really shines, because the add-on is actually very user friendly compared to its predecsors like Ephermeal.  Even a beginner who barely knows any LUA coding could pick up this add-on and create some fun items like playing sounds, emoting and even buffs/debuffs.  There is a scripting function though, so it allows you to be as in-depht as you want to be.

Wow!  But, there’s got to be some limitations here…

There are a few.  For one thing, you can’t equip your items.  You also can’t make it do API functions that are considered protected by Blizzard (like casting spells, etc.)  And you also can’t send them via through the mail system.  However, you CAN trade items between friends.  They just need the add-on too!

Well, consider me sold.  Is there anything else I need to know?

The add-on author for GHI (and the Gryphonheart addons) runs his own forums here, which I reccomend on browsing if you need to do some troubleshooting.  If you can’t find your answer, then you can post your question.  There are a number of folks on there that are pretty helpful and will do what they can to get your item in working order.

As for the link to GHI, it’s located to the right side under WoW Add-ons.  But for those that don’t want to look for it: here you go.

That’s all for this week!  Next week, we’ll jump into some right-click functions, and maybe a little bit of LUA coding.  I promise it won’t be a frightening.


~ by compassstudies on July 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Customcraft: GHI Introduction”

  1. I was just wondering if it wasn’t possible to make it cast a spell via the Script function in items, and if so can you tell me how to find info on this, except


    • While I hate to be the bearer of bad news, it’s impossible to have you character cast spells through the script function. (The function is blocked off by Blizzard’s API)

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