And now…

…back to your regularly scheduled blog!  Part 1 of the move is completed more or less.  Part 2 won’t be happening for some time.  In any case, some tidbits between the last update and now:

I’ve since felt better about the whole Colosseum thing.  Why?  A few things.

1) Good morale booster.  What could be a higher morale boost than competition and games?  Some of them are likely considered deadly, but it serves to heighten the excitement.

2) It’ll help to weed out the men from the boys for the final assault into Icecrown.  The less folks that end up dead when we assault Arthas’s gates, that means less fodder for the Lich King has to re-raise for his own army.

3) The Colosseum area makes a nice Horde/Alliance main base of operations.  Because really, no one feels that way too much about those airships flying around.  Especially with the Horde and Alliance TRYING TO SHOOT EACHOTHER DOWN ON A REGULAR BASIS.

However, my opinion of Tirion Foredragon has changed from “an okay dude” to “kind of a pushover and a douchebag”. Why?  Faction Champions.

Tirion: In this next battle, you will go against the mightest of those within the Argent Crusader’s ranks

Enemy Faction Leader: BS!  We demand retribution!

Tirion: That’s acceptable with me.  Fight with honor!

*ridiculous encounter ensues.  You win!*

Tirion: This is a terrible lost for both sides.  Because of your actions, we are all weaker for it!  Really, I hope you’re happy now that the Lich King has that much more of an advantage over us.

Really Tirion?  Really?  THESE ARE YOUR GAMES.  CRIPES. When did Varian/Garrosh start calling the shots?

Also heard about the stuff going on in the WoW Comic series. I can’t be the only one /facepalming about Medivh and Garona having some super mega-powered kid whose a quarter orc, draenai and half human.  AND he’s being made as the next Guardian Tirisfal.  Garona being ret-conned as a draenai-orc mix was inevitable though since BC came out.

A little iffy on the speculation about the next expansion.  Some of it, I do like (like having some worldwide event happening that changes the face of Azroth), and I’m not adversed with the idea of the Old Gods stiring up trouble again.  Worgen and goblins in the mix though?  Err…   Also, would Thrall really surrender leadership of the Horde to Garrosh of all people? Being a giant douchebag he is, I would think Thrall would have enough sense NOT to do this given how he’s behaved since arriving in Northrend.

I’ve been raging just a little bit over what new lore is coming out.  Just a little.  I’ll try and not make it so frequent though.

On a brighter note, a new Customcraft column is forthcoming!  But, it’ll be up a little late.  Check back on Saturday!


~ by compassstudies on August 21, 2009.

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