Bringing About an End

With every story that’s created, there is always a beginning, and an end.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been finding out just how difficult crafting that “ending” really is.

My interest with the game was been waning like whoa ever since the last major patch came out.  (And even moreso after playing a short demo of some of the Cataclysm stuff at PAX last month.)  And with this interest slowly fading away, it would be an appropriate time to bring an end to Ravine’s story.  But, guiding a character to an ending is a pretty large undertaking—it’s the last impression that you’ll make, and you can’t change that.  (And for those that know me well, I can’t help but make changes—some more subtle than others—to the things I write.)

I think this problem is only heightened by the fact that I have so many routes to take her story, given her current situation.  (Including death.  Yes, I’ve actually thought about killing her off—which would actually have a high probability of happening—given where her story is currently.)  I want to give her an appropriate ending—and one that’s respectful to the character and her story that she’s built.  I just… haven’t figured out what route that would be yet.

I’m probably the only one who actually thinks pretty hard about all of this.  Maybe not!  People, you are free to prove me wrong with this!  (Or prove me right.)


~ by compassstudies on October 17, 2009.

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