Write-Up Prompt #1


We’re still quite alive here.  But, writing energies as of late have been jammed in the pipelines of my brain—for which I apologize for.  I’ve been managing journal entries for my characters, but little else aside from that.

Despite it being near the very end of November, I’m going to be starting a writing project dedicated for this blog.  Using the power of the Internet, I plan to find one write-up prompt (whose usage can be applied to the Warcraft universe, so nothing in relation to our mundane life in the real world 😉 ), and do a writing blurb per day.  Call it… brain exercises to flush out all the laziness from my brain.  Anyone is more than welcome to play alongside with me.

From: creativewritingprompts.com

Prompt 219: “I deserve  ________________”


“Heh?  Deserve?  Y’know what I deserve fer all o’ this nonsense an’ shite lately?

A vacation.

Someplace nice an’ warm.  Maybe near an oasis or somethin’.  The sea… jes’ don’t do it fer me anymore.  Chalk it up t’ bad experience.  Bu’… palm trees, an’ cool waters…  jes’ like th’ beach, but better!

Oddly ‘nough, ain’t there supposed t’be some sort of tropical paradise up in th’ North?  I mean, how’s that even supposed t’work?”


“Hm?  What do I think I deserve?

Ahaha… I’m not quite sure to be honest.  What one desires, and what one deserves are two separate things after all.

In truth… I do believe that I deserve death, as morbid as it sounds.  Do not mistaken this as a desire—I do not want it—for there is still much for me to live for.  However, make no mistake that I’ve taken lives away, and even now plot to snatch away another—though in the end, it’ll be for the betterment of Azeroth as a whole.  Murder is murder, and blood is still blood despite someone’s good intentions.”


~ by compassstudies on November 25, 2009.

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