“Singing My Life With His Words…”

Roleplayers (including myself) will always come across a song that we feel best represents our creations.  Some of us may actively look for the song that we feel best fits our character, while others will come across them accidentally—they’re just randomly browsing songs to listen to, and when they really listen to the song and hear the lyrics, something just clicks.  Some songs will just remind us of that character just because of how it sounds.  (Gotta love those instrumentals.) And some may not remind us of a character per say—but a plotline/storyline that they were involved in.

And then, sometimes you’ll come across a song that not only fits the personality of their character, but a song that represents… everything about them.  You’ll find a song that hits the nail on the head that speaks of their struggles, their fears and hopes.

Ever come across a song like that for any of your RP characters?  Funny how it they can suddenly become “that guy” in Roberta Flack’s/The Fugees’ song.  (Depending on your generation. 😉 )


I’ve always joked a bit on how I would never be able to find a character song for Ravine because she’s just gone through so much.  But, “It’s The Fear” by Within Temptation hit the nail on the head as far as her major character conflict.  What amazes me more is that lyrics seem to perfectly describe the warlock corruption—the dark side of her—that she fights a never-ending battle with.  This struggle has been more apparent in her recent adventures, but it’s something that’s always plagued her one way or another.

And, I haven’t forgotten my writing prompts!  But,  many of my recent ones have been written with good ol’ fashion pencil and paper and I haven’t had the time to translate it into the word processor yet.  I’ll get around to it this week.


~ by compassstudies on November 29, 2009.

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