Between Corruption and Control: Part 1 (The Cast)

This entry will be the first entry of two to serve as a sort of reference guide for the “Between Corruption and Control” storyline that I’ve sort of been guiding along for the past… year and a half—give or take a few months.   Given the amount of time that’s passed, many people have come and contributed their part—and without its cast, this storyline wouldn’t be where it is today.  So, in addition of  providing a guideline for those following the story, I also wish to acknowledge those characters—whether their role were large or small—as my way of saying “thank you” for allowing me the privilege of including their character in this story.

Also, I would like to mention that part of this story—what I would like to consider as Act 2—also helps to supplement events going on in another storyline that a fellow RPer (and fellow Sentinels blogger) is also keeping track of: “A Dragon’s Heart” which can be found here!  We kind of like to think of it as two stories that have fused into one-mega story.

This post is gonna be a long and doozy one.  I’ve also made it spoiler-free, so those who are currently following and don’t want any surprises ruined for them: have no fear!  Unfortunately, you won’t be so lucky for part two. 🙂

The Cast of Characters (Major):

Amarestine Rosette (Amara/Amare): A free-lance spy with a fondness for alcohol, gems and money.  She often shows a strong dislike for warlocks.

Ariande Adrasteia: A former knight aspirant of the Argent Dawn, she was killed and raised as a Death Knight.  She has a surprisingly zen outlook on life.  Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop her from ruthlessly hunting down the one person she feels is responsible for her demise.

Eykrie Belaros: A Paladin of the Light with a penchant for Goblin Engineering.  And while he manages to tolerate the other races within the Alliance, he hates the Horde and the Scourge with a passion—including Death Knights.  A long-time friend of Ravine.

Ravine Mhenlo: A researcher in the realm of alchemy and herbology who often hides the fact that she’s a warlock.  Despite that, her skills are formidable—though her confidence is severely lacking.  Married to Savras.

Rhune Astherion: A magus of the Kirin Tor who has a history of distrusting warlocks.  Despite that, he’s a long-time friend of Ravine’s.

Ruby Astherion (Rublestrasza): A red dragon whelping who was brought up in the Astherion household.  Recently, she has acquired the ability to shape-shift into the form of a red-haired, gnomish woman.

Savras Mhenlo: A night elf hunter who had been born and raised within the wilds far away from his own people.  Despite his past hardships, he carries himself with a goofy demeanor that never fails to make someone else smile.  Married to Ravine.

Scheen Waters: A rogue of many talents—duelist, aspiring actor and playwright to name a few.  One of the few remaining members of Malakim still in active service.

Shakta Laughingwind: An eccentric Priestess of Elune who tinkers with engineering.  Shakta and Savras often consider themselves as siblings due to their similar demeanor, though they aren’t related by blood.  Currently in a relationship with Mourne Brackenglade—an elven necromancer.

Vissic Vioder: A warlock who manipulates those around him to achieve his own needs.  With a history of instigating trouble and spreading seeds of mistrust, his actions have a tendency to earn the hatred of those around him.

Cast of Characters (Minor):

Alessandro Carden: An agent of the Lich King and was considered a sworn enemy to the mercenary group, Malakim during the initial assault into Northrend.

Amielle: A woman who had been asked to take part in a summoning ritual during the time of the Scourge’s assault on Azeroth.

Dawsen Astherion: Adopted into the Astherion family by Rhune.  He serves as a battle mage in service to the Alliance, though his “Astherion stubbornness” has gotten him into trouble on multiple occasions.

Kysarra Evanhalk: A woman who has a history with the Retribution of Arathor, which dates back several years ago during Ravine’s time in their unit.  She had delved heavily into the dark arts, and though she was eventually killed, there had been claims that she had been resurrected.  But whether those rumors are true or not still remains to be proven.

Malakai Krophas: A former mage of the Kirin Tor who had been expelled from their ranks after tampering with forbidden magics.  Both Ravine and Savras saw him as an enemy—though for a long time, he had them both fooled into thinking he was something he wasn’t—a demon.

Mourne Brackenglade: A night elf Death Knight who walks the shadowy path of necromancy.  However, he often tries to put his practice towards good use—whether it be replacing deadened limbs, or drawing upon his extensive knowledge of the physiology of mortals to perform surgery when healing magic does little.

Nestramandis (Nikolos/Nik): A young Netherdrake who chose to follow Ravine after she had helped him to free his flight from the oppressive clutches of the Dragonmaw Clan in Shadowmoon Valley.  Amongst the mortal races, he chooses to disguise himself as a male, blond-haired high-elf.  He’s not afraid to speak his mind, and his blunt attitude can sometimes come across as cruel, even if he doesn’t mean to be.

Riely Darkfizzle: The daughter of the infamous warlock, Rigley Darkfizzle—better known as Reviler.  Despite her young age, she is considered to be somewhat of a prodigy in the fel arts after learning how to summon higher-level demons.  She seems to take great delight in stirring up trouble—usually appearing before something bad happens.


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