Art Series: WoW RP Tarot

I’ve been working on a small art series since September of last year. Well, maybe small isn’t the right way to word it, since it’ll be big collection when it’s all said and done. Within my fevered dreams days post-PAX (I was one of the unfortunate ones who caught the great PAXflu of 2009), I had an idea. A really crazy idea.

“I want to draw artwork of the characters who I’ve RPed with.”

“Well, I want to take it one step further. I want it to be more than just a pretty picture.”

“…How about tarot cards? I could tell a story!”

Somehow, this was a good idea to me at the time. And somehow I wasn’t talked out of it. In fact, my roommate was encouraging me and helped me plot out who would get what card.

So, I call this the WoW RP Tarot art set. There’ll be 22 cards total—each of them depicting a specific character and their paired card theme which is based upon their personality and/or circumstances. So far, I’ve completed three. At the moment, the series is on hold as I finish sorting through some real life things, but I’ll come back to it. This series is really important to me for several reasons.  One, it allows me to tell a story through pictures instead of words.  Secondly, it’s my way of saying ‘thank you’ to those that have shared their characters with me.  Lastly, it sort of feels like I’m coming full-circle.  These are characters that I’ve interacted with for 2-3 years.  It gives me a chance to look back, and reflect on all the experiences, and the stories we’ve shared.

First in the series is the IX of Pentacles, which depicts Ravine, my warlock.  The same roommate who had been planning out these cards with me commented that the initial card that I picked was quite negative, even though it did match her.  At that point in the story arc she’s in, I felt it was appropriate, but at the same time, I did want to show her in a more positive light.  The solution?  Two cards!  But the other one won’t be drawn until I’ve finished everyone else.  It’s only fair.

The IX of Pentacles represents self-reliance, refinement and discipline.  At the heart of Ravine’s character is a warlock who struggles against the fel corruption that plagues all warlocks in one form or another.  Through research, or through her own battle-hard experiences, she’s been able to retain a good grasp of herself—though in turn, her powers aren’t very strong compared to her peers.  This also doesn’t make her completely immune to the fel corruption, but that’s something I’ll jump into more later.

The second card I’ve done is the V of Cups—the character in question is a woman named Kitra Aelderon, who was the owner of the Crimson Jewel tavern, as well as a fellow guild-mate.  She was my old RP partner-in-crime when I first started playing on Sentinels who floored me with her multi-box RP skills.

The V of Cups represents feeling regret or sorrow over the things we’ve lost.  However, we get so caught up in them, that we fail to notice what we still have.  A negative card, but one I felt that fit Kitra the most.  Though a good friend of Ravine’s, she was also a pessimist—constantly worrying about the friends and companions that she had surrounded herself with. So much so, that she would sometimes forget—or even push away—the people that would care for her—something she often did with her older brother.

The most current card I’ve done is the V of Swords.  This one involves another warlock by the name of Vissic Vioder.  (Now that I’ve found his last name, I’m going to be using it, so har!)  He’s a more villainous, scheming sort, but he’s been an absolute joy to RP with.

The V of Swords represents acting out of your own self-interests, lacking integrity, and creating conflict.  Whether or not he actually plans for it, Vissic seems to have a knack for allies turning on one another if he’s involved in some way.  (And in some cases, he’ll turn on his allies.)  And in the end, it works out better for him because he only cares about himself.  The ends justify the means, and he’ll go to whatever lengths are necessary to do what he wants.

So that’s three cards down.  So many, many more to go…


~ by compassstudies on March 5, 2010.

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