Rising From the Lull

Poke at a sleeping beast long enough, and sooner or later, it’s bound to wake up again.  But, I guarantee I won’t be flashing my sharp, pointy teeth and chasing away visitors as I go along with this revival.

Silliness aside, things will be changing a bit around here!   Compass Studies will be moving off of WordPress site in a few days.  I’ve been thinking it’s long overdue to start making use of some web space that I have sitting about.

Secondly, a slight change in focus.  I realize it’s a bit limiting when my blog is purely focused on the roleplaying aspects of WoW.  Especially when I find myself engaging in more than just that.  Topics will become a bit more open with the game in general, though that doesn’t mean that the RP posts will be lost.  Considering that I’ll be making a comeback to the Sentinels Alliance RP community over the next few months, as well as with all the information about Cataclysm that’ll be coming out soon (especially with Blizzcon not that far off), there’ll be plenty to talk about.

We’re not dead.  We’ve just been resting.  And now it’s time to wake up.


~ by compassstudies on May 19, 2010.

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