A Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name

As of late, I’ve been feeling restless with my server environment.  Despite being on the one of most popular servers for RPing—and believe me, the RP is practically bursting from the seams by how much that goes on—I still don’t feel at home.  Just as a point of reference, I’ve been around there for the last six months—hardly a newcomer to the scene who has yet to root themselves in.

Now, I’m not writing this to rant about the x amount of things that I don’t like about it, but I want to bring up a point—personal mileage will always vary.  For some, people will enjoy—and even thrive in large RP communities.  It means there’ll be more people to befriend, more events that are being put out by the community, and more chances to RP and get involved.

Sad to say, I’ve become somewhat jaded over the years (to those of you that can keep giving your time and creative energy to a wide audience, I commend you on your tenacity and your stamina).  In a way, it’s made me a bit more conservative… a bit more introverted.  For some people like me, we see too many faults with large RP communities.  The bad get mixed in with the good, and suddenly everything feels mediocre.  We get nit-picky, because by then we strive for quality over quantity.

So, how can we find our peace?  How can we sate our RP thirst?

It’s ignorant how people can easily dismiss servers with smaller RP communities—saying that they’re “on life support” or ”x server’s RP is nonexistent”—when in fact, they are like the fertile soil in which a close-knit community can form.  Some may see close-knit communities as insular and cliquish—and while this can be the case sometimes, it doesn’t mean all of them are.  In fact, I feel that smaller communities will more likely to make newcomers feel welcome—provided they aren’t jerks—because fresh blood means additional creativity to the server pool.  They have that much more to gain compared to a large server whose talent pool is already filled with players.

Personally, I feel smaller RP server have a bit of an advantage over the larger ones, and I don’t mean because they have quality RP—I feel the ratio of good to bad RP on a server is generally the same across the board.  But, a smaller community means fewer members.  In this case, it isn’t a bad thing—and in fact, I feel it would make it easier for them to come together and make changes to their server climate for the better, then say… a large community whose members have such varying opinions that the community as a whole will be unable to come to a consensus and nothing will change.  And this doesn’t factor in those that remain wholly ignorant of these discussions because they don’t frequent their realm forums, off-site server forums, or what have you.

Perhaps I still have an idealistic heart in that regard.  But, I miss that intimacy… that feeling of closeness with a server community.  Perhaps that’s why I’m starting to feel longing for my old server.  It’s like as if I’m living in the big city now.  The hustle and bustle is all very nice, but there’s a part of me that longs to return to that faraway country-side village where everyone knows your name.


~ by compassstudies on May 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name”

  1. I really like this entry Ravine. It touches on a lot of things I’ve always felt but puts it all into words better than I ever could. A fantastic post.

    I’ve had a few friends try to bring me over to that “larger” server and I’ve never really been able to explain to them why I’d rather stay. Maybe next time I’ll direct them to this post.

  2. You’ve hit upon EXACTLY why I’ve never liked other servers–why I moved from Argent Dawn and why I have an unabiding dislike for Moon Guard and Wyrmrest…I like my small community (which misses you, by the way, and always does when you go away).

    ….oh god, I’m agreeing with Rhune? What’s wrong with this picture?

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