The State of Affairs

Things have gone a mite bit quiet again over the past few weeks, and some may be wondering about the current state of affairs by asking themselves: Is this blog dead again?

Well, I do have a bit of good news. For in fact, we are not dead yet! Yes, hard to believe, but things are alive and kicking. Further good news is that there will be more updates in a few weeks, and all the changes I’ve been talking about will finally happen.

So, what’s the catch? It’s all in the fine print; in a few weeks. Things will be quiet a little bit longer since I am once again in the middle of moving (and currently, I don’t even have a computer. This entry is being typed out in an iTouch.  It works like a charm, but it’s much easier to type with more than one finger and to not have your mobile device tell you it’s about to die every five minutes.  I also can’t bold, italicize, put in links or do any fancy format editing.  It makes for a very sad time.)

However! A lot has been happening, as the NDA finally got lifted from Cata, so now information is pratically flooding the Intertubes of the web. As for myself? I’m a bit glad this is happening now since I have limited web access. I fear my poor brain would sooner explode trying to take in everything, before I would be able to properly understand and digest it.

That being said, for those that roam the Sentinels server and/or are interested in learning what can be learned about the upcoming expansion, I reccomend stopping by the local realm forums.  A pretty sizable group from the realm had been participating in the alpha testing of Cataclysm, and are now opening up to the community and answering questions that folks may have.  (Within reason, of course.  They can’t spill all the beans.)

Another thing that’s been recently introduced to the Sentinels community; with the success of the Wyrmrest Tavern, the Dragonsworn Council has annouced the opening of the Wyrmrest channel. Now folks don’t have to wait until Saturday evening to enjoy their Hot Dragon Wings! The channel allows for people to RP, even if they might be farming, PvPing, or instancing.

More details can be found here (as well as some general guidelines on etiquette)

And finally—for those that enjoy listening to podcasts, or need an hour or two to kill—if you haven’t checked out The Obscuracast, then I suggest you stop what you’re doing and get a couple episodes to listen to. The Obscuracast is ran by the author of the Mana Obscura—Gazimoff—and his friend—Stu—and they just have a real good time talking about the latest news in the Warcraft-verse, as well as anything else that may interest them.  Near the end of their shows, they have a feedback segment known as the Obscurity (“THIS WEEK’S OBSCURITY”), where they present a topic and invite their listeners to send in their thoughts about it, and there have been some pretty good thought-provoking topics (“Where do you draw the line between creative use of game mechanics, and flat out cheating?” or “videogames as a storytelling medium”.)

They’re about seven episodes in as of typing this, so it’s a pretty new series. However, I think they’re extremely entertaining to listen to (Stu does a pretty amazing Deathwing voice IMO), and if you don’t mind/like British accents—like I do—you really can’t go wrong. You can either look them up on iTunes, or visit the Mana Obscura to get caught up.

The beauty of things on the Internet is that things published on it can never really die, and it’s easy to pick up where you left off.  Things are definitely things in the works as the clockwork continues to spin.  It’ll only be a matter of time before these changes see sunlight.


~ by compassstudies on July 2, 2010.

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