The End of an Era

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Tuesday night’s RP marks an end of many things.  For some, it’s an end to an era.  Two storyline arcs that have spanned over many months are either at their end, or at their home stretch, and several characters are now being put into retirement.

Ravine Mhenlo, my warlock that I’ve RPed with for the past three years and a half years, will be one of them.

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Art Series: WoW RP Tarot

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I’ve been working on a small art series since September of last year. Well, maybe small isn’t the right way to word it, since it’ll be big collection when it’s all said and done. Within my fevered dreams days post-PAX (I was one of the unfortunate ones who caught the great PAXflu of 2009), I had an idea. A really crazy idea.

“I want to draw artwork of the characters who I’ve RPed with.”

“Well, I want to take it one step further. I want it to be more than just a pretty picture.”

“…How about tarot cards? I could tell a story!”

Somehow, this was a good idea to me at the time. And somehow I wasn’t talked out of it. In fact, my roommate was encouraging me and helped me plot out who would get what card.

So, I call this the WoW RP Tarot art set. There’ll be 22 cards total—each of them depicting a specific character and their paired card theme which is based upon their personality and/or circumstances. So far, I’ve completed three. At the moment, the series is on hold as I finish sorting through some real life things, but I’ll come back to it. This series is really important to me for several reasons.  One, it allows me to tell a story through pictures instead of words.  Secondly, it’s my way of saying ‘thank you’ to those that have shared their characters with me.  Lastly, it sort of feels like I’m coming full-circle.  These are characters that I’ve interacted with for 2-3 years.  It gives me a chance to look back, and reflect on all the experiences, and the stories we’ve shared.

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Between Corruption and Control: Part 1 (The Cast)

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This entry will be the first entry of two to serve as a sort of reference guide for the “Between Corruption and Control” storyline that I’ve sort of been guiding along for the past… year and a half—give or take a few months.   Given the amount of time that’s passed, many people have come and contributed their part—and without its cast, this storyline wouldn’t be where it is today.  So, in addition of  providing a guideline for those following the story, I also wish to acknowledge those characters—whether their role were large or small—as my way of saying “thank you” for allowing me the privilege of including their character in this story.

Also, I would like to mention that part of this story—what I would like to consider as Act 2—also helps to supplement events going on in another storyline that a fellow RPer (and fellow Sentinels blogger) is also keeping track of: “A Dragon’s Heart” which can be found here!  We kind of like to think of it as two stories that have fused into one-mega story.

This post is gonna be a long and doozy one.  I’ve also made it spoiler-free, so those who are currently following and don’t want any surprises ruined for them: have no fear!  Unfortunately, you won’t be so lucky for part two. 🙂

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“Singing My Life With His Words…”

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Roleplayers (including myself) will always come across a song that we feel best represents our creations.  Some of us may actively look for the song that we feel best fits our character, while others will come across them accidentally—they’re just randomly browsing songs to listen to, and when they really listen to the song and hear the lyrics, something just clicks.  Some songs will just remind us of that character just because of how it sounds.  (Gotta love those instrumentals.) And some may not remind us of a character per say—but a plotline/storyline that they were involved in.

And then, sometimes you’ll come across a song that not only fits the personality of their character, but a song that represents… everything about them.  You’ll find a song that hits the nail on the head that speaks of their struggles, their fears and hopes.

Ever come across a song like that for any of your RP characters?  Funny how it they can suddenly become “that guy” in Roberta Flack’s/The Fugees’ song.  (Depending on your generation. 😉 )

And the song that prompted this post is… (Warning: some self-indulgence on Rav’s character)

Write-Up Prompt #1

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We’re still quite alive here.  But, writing energies as of late have been jammed in the pipelines of my brain—for which I apologize for.  I’ve been managing journal entries for my characters, but little else aside from that.

Despite it being near the very end of November, I’m going to be starting a writing project dedicated for this blog.  Using the power of the Internet, I plan to find one write-up prompt (whose usage can be applied to the Warcraft universe, so nothing in relation to our mundane life in the real world 😉 ), and do a writing blurb per day.  Call it… brain exercises to flush out all the laziness from my brain.  Anyone is more than welcome to play alongside with me.


Prompt 219: “I deserve  ________________”


“Heh?  Deserve?  Y’know what I deserve fer all o’ this nonsense an’ shite lately?

A vacation.

Someplace nice an’ warm.  Maybe near an oasis or somethin’.  The sea… jes’ don’t do it fer me anymore.  Chalk it up t’ bad experience.  Bu’… palm trees, an’ cool waters…  jes’ like th’ beach, but better!

Oddly ‘nough, ain’t there supposed t’be some sort of tropical paradise up in th’ North?  I mean, how’s that even supposed t’work?”


“Hm?  What do I think I deserve?

Ahaha… I’m not quite sure to be honest.  What one desires, and what one deserves are two separate things after all.

In truth… I do believe that I deserve death, as morbid as it sounds.  Do not mistaken this as a desire—I do not want it—for there is still much for me to live for.  However, make no mistake that I’ve taken lives away, and even now plot to snatch away another—though in the end, it’ll be for the betterment of Azeroth as a whole.  Murder is murder, and blood is still blood despite someone’s good intentions.”

A Mountain of (Story) Treasure

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First of all: wow!  A huge thank you goes out to David Bowers—writer for All The World’s a Stage at WoW Insider—for giving Compass Studies a nod (and some unexpected exposure!).  For those that have stopped by, I thank you and hope that you become a regular reader of this blog of helpful tips, stories and other fun things that revolve around roleplaying in Warcraft.  Enjoy the ride!


I’m sure everyone has one of these around.  Anyone who has ever written has one of these.  Those unfinished stories you set out on writing, but then you ran out of steam.  That, or you set it aside to work on later, and then just completely forgot about its existence until months (or even years) later.  It’s amazing how much a little time can do when you open them months later, read them, and find hints and glints of inspiration from them for future RP.  In some cases, you wonder why you never finished it in the first place.  But, that’s beyond the point here.

So, I challenge you readers to pull up your writing folder and find a story blurb.   Post them if you’re feeling brave enough!  Find anything that catches your eyes?

I’ve actually come across a bunch that were actually written out a little over a year ago.  But this blurb about my mage (who actually wasn’t an RP character at the time), was the one that left me pleasantly surprised out of all of them, because I expected something else quite different with her personality—yet it felt (and still feels) right.


“…coming to now.”  There was something cold and metallic poking and prodding into her left arm.  Hngh?  Into?

She tried to jump out of the rack, but found out she was restrained as she was easily pushed back onto the stone table.  However, the outburst did surprise the small group surrounding her as they murmured amongst one another.  The woman strained herself to listen to their words—efforts rewarded when she managed to pick out one of the compliments amongst the din.

“Mhmm.  Lively.  You’ve done well, Enivare.”

She heard the faint sweeping of cloth dragging across the ground before hearing his voice—cool and composed.  “I always do good work.”

Ngh.  Where am I? She brought her hands to her face—expecting to run her fingers through strands of hair.  Instead, what she felt was oily and slick.  There was something covering her face as her fingers felt at the thin strips of material—trying to tear them away.  I can’t… see…

“Oh.  There’s no use removing those,”  Enivare (or at least, she thought it was) muttered as she felt her nails being pulled away from her face.  “Those weren’t there when we found you.”

She stopped and turned her head towards the source of the voice. Found me? “What the hell are you—”

“Be quiet,” he instructed.  “There will be time for questions later.  One such as you still holds use for the Dark Lady.”

Customcraft: Music and Sound Effects

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Welcome to Customcraft!  For you newcomers, this is a column dedicated to item creation tips with the WoW RP add-on, Gryphonheart Items—or GHI for short.  I’ve been noticing a couple search terms have been hitting the blog as of late, so… no better time than the present to illustrate on how to add sounds effects and/or music to your items.

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