WoW 20 Themes (Lich King Version)

This is a list meant to be the successor of the first WoW 20 Themes list I created.  Many of the themes created are mostly based around the Wrath of the Lich King game expansion, although there are some that aren’t the case.

Again, the same rules with the last 20 Themes list applies to this one.  Pick a theme you like and use it in a piece of fiction or artwork. Challenge yourself by trying to finish all 20 Themes!

WoW 20 Themes v.2

  1. The Frozen Wastes
  2. In the Presence of Dragons
  3. The Wonderworks Toy Shop
  4. The Wishing Fountain
  5. Treasures of the Underbelly
  6. Whispers of an Old God
  7. Remnants of the Titans
  8. Meanwhile, Back in Outlands…
  9. Winning the Cooking Award
  10. Sky Breaking / The Fist of Ogrim
  11. Death Knights
  12. True Nature
  13. Conflicts of Interest
  14. Going on “Pa’Troll”
  15. Brew of The Month
  16. Experience at the Wrath Gate
  17. A Hidden Paradise
  18. Letters from the Front
  19. Keeping a Promise
  20. The Lich King


  1. Going Undercover
  2. Lake Wintergrasp

One Response to “WoW 20 Themes (Lich King Version)”

  1. I’m going to have to do a few of these with Quin or Jude (or Tanith or Arcavius), I think. Too many good possibilities!

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